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Iscrizione sulla chiesa di San Pietro
Inscription on the S.Pietro's church
Chiesa San Pietro
S.Pietro's church
The origins of the village, it's supposed, date back to Roman times. The very name of the town comes from the family that owned the land. Cornelius, the Roman colonist Cornelia and her mother, should be the first names
that allude to the current Corniglia.
During the Middle Ages, similar to neighboring countries,
 Corniglia were under the rule of the Counts of Lavagna, 
the Bishop of Luni, the lords of Carpena, 
by the Counts Doria and finally Counts Fieschi.
Whit this last  family, Fieschi,the country remained tied to its beloved patron 
 ''Santa Fieschi Adorbo ''.
Among the major monuments, there is the church of St. Peter's in 1334, built on the ruins of an ancient chapel of 1000, which had been destroyed as a result of landslides. 
Built by Matthew and Peter Campiglio in 1351, it is a shining example of pure Gothic style monument in Liguria in local stone, with a rose window  and made of the white Carrara marble built which enhances its majesty.
The country was once more extended to the coastline,
 but numerous landslides caused by the sea have eroded the hills,requiring a 365 steps staircase to be built  from the village along the cliffs and down to sea.
Along this same strip of coastline, there once stood the church of ''Santa Maria Maddalena'' , but now its only remnant is the square whit the same name.

Vista dalla piazza di Santa Maria
S.Maria's square
Rosone Chiesa San Pietro
Particular S.Pietro's Church
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